Escaping the Crab Bucket

A slightly random blog this time inspired by an email from a coach who often provides great ideas and thoughts. It’s an idea that we have all heard before but it was the first time I heard it explained through the vibrant imagery of a bucket full of crabs!

How easy is it for crabs to climb out of a bucket and escape? Well if you put one crab into a bucket it will easily find a way to climb out and escape. If, however, you put a dozen or so crabs into the same bucket then surprisingly none of them will escape. That’s because each crab will pull down any crab that’s trying to escape a case of “if I can’t get out then neither can you”. We often encounter our own “crab bucket” with some people trying to pull us back and stop us achieving our important goals, whether that’s doing our first 5k, qualifying for Kona, coaching others or starting a new business or personal venture. It’s always good to be watchful for anyone trying to hold us back for negative reasons like that and when we do we need to take a deep breath, steady our nerves, keep our eye on the prize and climb right out of that bucket.

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