Seeing the Beauty in the Struggle

Another Squad Test Week ends and here’s a quick update on some of the highlights:

Tim cranking out 25×100 on 1:40 and running out of time rather than speed.
Cam finishing 7x100s on 1:30
Sarah managing the same number on 2:00 as she did on 2:15 a few months ago.
Saleema hitting 19 on 2:15 which is a massive improvement from where we started

A few people getting into “Big Dog” power Nos – Tim 314W, Gerry (279), Stuart (282). Just as impressive were improvements for Sarah and Saleema. Good to see Darren improve as well after 3 weeks of being ill.

Tim’s Hadd tests are at another level compared to the start. Improvement across the board for Gerry and I was really pleased I was there to see Mark running like his former self and a big improvement on a few months ago.

A couple of people have their test week in a few weeks due to races so lets hope there’s some great signs of improvement there as well.

I have to also mention a great race result (and racing is the real true test that counts) for Ali Travers with a 3:28 at the Brighton Marathon. In my opinion racing a fast Marathon is one of the toughest endurance challenges someone can take on and after just a few months of focused training (and focused triathlon training as well) that was an outstanding result.

It’s that time of year when races start cropping up thick and fast and with 2 people racing at the London Marathon next week it’s shaping up to be a great season.

The heading to this post is a quote I picked up from a well known 400m Olympic Champion, which I think is a great insight into what is required to make significant and long lasting improvement in endurance sport. Successful race performances are built on sustained hard work where a lot of the time training sessions don’t go as hoped, injuries crop up, fatigue strikes, new technique improvements seem impossible to learn and there really is no external validation to show that what you are doing is working. So to be successful you have to be in love with the process and see the beauty in the struggle because out of that struggle comes the fleeting moments in races where we feel like we are pulling on “solid” water, pedalling with a force that shakes the bike and running with wings.

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Enjoy the Beauty in the Struggle there really is nothing else.