It was an eventful and ultimately very pleasing day of racing for the S4F Squad at the Hertfordshire Club Championships this weekend. As a Squad we had a few set-backs with a few squad members having to miss the race at the last minute due to illness and injury which meant we weren’t going to have enough racers to be part of the club championship race, but the squad members that made it all raced brilliantly so I can only class it as a magnificent success.

As ever a massive thanks to our fantastic Squad Sponsors who help make results like this possible:


Gerry raced brilliantly starting with a fabulously improved swim time of 26:29 he went on to post great bike and run splits but unfortunately got DQed for a foot down penalty when he put his foot down over the stop line at a junction. It was a minor infringement and heartbreaking for him but that does demonstrate one of the great things about racing; we put everything including our ego on the line and race on a knife edge of performance where one step on the wrong side has a big impact on the outcome. There are no places to hide and no fudging things; we either get the time or the position we want or we don’t. That takes real guts and strength to just toe the line. After a disappointing outcome like that I was very impressed that the first email I got the following day was the Training Peaks notification saying that Gerry had completed his training session – already “chopping wood and carrying water” on his way to his next great result.

Cameron completed his first ever Olympic distance with a great 16th place overall and a second in his age group. A great start at the Olympic distance which bolds really well for next year.

Saleema raced brilliantly just a week after completing Ironman Copenhagen with a much improved swim time.

Kerry did amazing in her first Olympic and the best thing is she enjoyed it and should hopefully carry on competing in the amazing sport of triathlon.

Alice Travers continued an amazing year of racing and claimed her first win of the year. That’s a great achievement in less than a year of working together and I’m sure there are even more amazing performances on the horizon. She paced it really well to take over first place half way on the run and then put some considerable distance into the second place athlete.

Full race results at: Herts Club Champs 2016.

I am of course very proud of my amazing athletes race performances but even more than that I am proud of the work and dedication they put into their training. The great race performances are awesome and a good check on their training but I think the real victories that leave their mark deep inside us and stay with us long after we hang up our race shoes are the seemingly small victories and sometimes set-backs we overcome on our own when no one is watching in training. Once we see the beauty in the process of training – the constant “chopping wood and carrying water” we lay the foundation for great race performances but more importantly we start to see where the real victories lie.