Finish Lines

As the 2016 Triathlon race season enters its last few weeks, it’s been another great week for the Squad with some fast and fun racing.

First off, Gerry Frewin’s race season just got better and better culminating in a very fast 4:42 at the highly competitive Vitruvian middles distance race. Conditions were pretty difficult with persistent rain so such a fast time is even more amazing. That marks a massive improvement from last season – next year should deliver something even more spectacular.



Darren went back to the Hatfield Tri and went 5 minutes quicker than he did 4 months ago – that’s a great improvement. He was understandably over the moon.


Alice Travers did a great job of following Coach’s orders to run as SLOW as possible at the Medoc Marathon posting a time of 6:01. After an earlier season 3:28 at the Brighton Marathon it must have been difficult running so slow but with a final middle distance race coming up in 2 weeks a slow easy marathon was perfect pacing. Who says triathletes don’t know how to have fun:



It was also the last swim session at the Merchant Taylor’s lake with the great folks from Hercules Events; it’s been a great summer of providing swim coaching there. It was really good to finish off helping the next generation of Triathletes with a couple of sessions for 10 year old Ibrahim who swam brilliantly and could be one to watch for on the Triathlon scene in 10 years time.



A few more races to go over the next 2 weekends for the Squad so my focus continues until the last squad athlete crosses their finish line for the season.

With finish lines in mind, the picture at the top of this piece is probably the image that first brought the sport of Triathlon into the consciousness of millions of people and turned what was a niche sport for a few dozen crazies into the global phenomenon it is today. It’s Julie Moss crawling, standing, running, falling, crawling her way to the 1982 Kona Ironman finish line. She got second but her determination to get to the finish line made people realise that there is something very special about getting to that(any) finish line.

Whatever finish line you have crossed recently, make sure you spend some time really enjoying the magic of that very special place.

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