Kerry ED Sprint 2016

Kerry’s First Sprint Tri(Du)

Eton Dorney Srint Tri – 18 Sept 2016

My 1st sprint triathlon came at the end of a very stressful week at work. I am a teacher in a special school for children with profound disabilities and complex health needs.I love my job but sometimes it breaks my heart, like this week, when heaven acquired a new little angel from my class. This meant that I was not feeling the most emotionally stable on Sunday morning. To then hear by text that the swimming part of my triathlon was cancelled due to poor quality water in the lake, and it would now be a duathlon instead, I over reacted and went into panic mode! I knew Musty was busy race directing and I didn’t know what to do, so I put out a cry for help on the squad Whats App.

I need not have worried as with S4F being such a supportive squad, messages soon came through and Gerry, whom I’ve never even met before, called me to reassure me. He reminded me to stay positive and gave me some excellent tips, which made me feel much better and more in control again.


On arrival at Eton Dorney we got the information that the swim would be replaced by 2.5k run and everything else to stay the same.

I had a race plan that involved working at set heart rates and even though Musty was busy working he still managed to contact me to give me heart rates for the new 2.5 k run which made me feel more confident. (Such an awesome coach!)

The 2.5 k run was awful as everyone apart from 1 person (at least 50 people) overtook me, a lot  of them were puffing hard and out of breath as they went by, whilst I felt fine trotting along enjoying the scenery! It felt embarrassingly slow, but I’m quite used to being the slow one in S4F training sessions, so it wasn’t too difficult to enter into my own little bubble and just stick with it.


I entered T1 in 14th position out of 15 in my age category after my very slow run and I continued to try my best to keep my heart rate in check whilst on the bike. This again felt a bit on the slow side, but I was gradually overtaking those that had overtaken me earlier on which was good. By the time I finished the bike I had moved up to 8th position in my age group!


I felt good as I entered the final 5k run as I had plenty of energy left, so again I stuck to the plan and managed to run strong to the end moving into 7th position.

I’m pleased with my achievement as this was my first ever real race. I’m new to sport too, having only taken an interest in fitness and exercise a year ago.


I was disappointed that I didn’t get the opportunity to do a sprint triathlon, as I have been working really hard learning to swim front crawl and now I will have to wait until next season to tick that box. However, I can now say that I’ve done my first ever Duathlon, which gives me a good starting point for future events. Bring on the Ball Buster!!

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