November Good Reads

1. First pick is a great article on how focusing on the process rather than the goal itself is the best way of achieving any challenging goal: “this mind-set lends itself to presence, which she defines as the ability to be in the moment, confident but not arrogant.”:



2.  My favourite piece of writing this month was this explanation of 2 types of knowledge: chauffeur knowledge and Planck knowledge. Unfortunately in most walks of life, but particularly in the fitness world, we seem to have a current over abundance of experts with “chauffeur knowledge”:

Chauffeur knowledge v Planck Knowledge


3. It would be easy to be cynical about this next initiative and see it as doomed to achieving very little. That may ultimately be true but until athletes themselves start owning the problem of drugs in sport and start taking action themselves to fight it then nothing will ever be achieved. It’s heartening to see some athletes saying enough is enough:

Athletes against doping


4. An interesting piece about the different nutritional needs of female athletes compared to male athletes in one of my favourite magazines next. This may not sit well with anyone that belongs to a food/diet “church” but it definitely fits with my philosophy

How Your Sex Affects Your Diet


5. When I first got into Triathlon 28 Years ago one of the first books I bought to try and learn how to swim better was this fantastic book:







It’s full of great insights into swimming with better technique and full of groovy illustrations like this:








So I found this recent article really interesting:

Doc’s boys: The story of dominant U.S. swim team from 1976


6. Finally the song I got into the most this month was this Bob Dylan track that I didn’t know that well until now. It has a great gruff, rolling vocal from the great poet and if anyone can let me know what it’s definitely about then I’d love to be enlightened (and there’s a pint in it for them:-)):

Bob Dylan: Jokerman

Happy reading (and listening).

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