Ashridge Standard Distance Duathlon – 26 Feb 2017

First of all many thanks to our sponsors:

Precision hydration and Naked Runner.

Some great racing by the squad at the Active Training World Ashridge Duathlon today. Over a tough 10k/44k/5k course everyone finished strongly. Early season races are always tough but great to get the season started. Plenty of hard work to come before race 2 and the rest of the season. Here are the results and Pictures:


Name                                    Overall Time     Age Group Pos                R1                  B                        R2

MICHAEL GALLUCCI         03:22:27                   12                        01:04:07      02:50:57          00:31:29

KERRY WRIGHT                    03:34:37                    2                        0 1:03:23        03:00:21          00:34:14

LUCY GUEST                            03:43:02                   1                          01:06:38        03:01:46          00:41:14

MUSTY SALIH                         03:03:54                     5                          00:56:54      02:36:03         00:27:49






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