Monday Motivation – 23/10/17

There have been so many great Triathlon Champions over the years but every now and again someone comes along that is a real game changer. They do something that completely changes some aspect of the sport. This year in Kona Patrick Lange did exactly that; with 28 years spent closely following the sport, I have never seen anyone run an Ironman marathon the way Patrick Lange did. His style, his rhythm and fluid running were jaw-dropping and the way he ran through the aid stations without dropping a beat or slowing but still getting what he needed was a game changer. He must have thought long and hard about how to save every second on that run and executed to perfection to break (for the second time) the long-held course record by the greatest of all Mark Allen. 


There’s no way most of us will ever be able to run at that speed or with such perfect form, but I know that next time I hit the run in a Triathlon race I’ll be replaying these images of Patrick running and trying to feel even an ounce of what he was feeling on that Kona run course. 


It’s really inspired me for my next races; I hope it can do the same for you. 


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