Testimonials of Triathlon Coaching
based in Hertfordshire, Central London

Dan Powell

I have been racing triathlons since 2007, and had always been self-coached. In 2013 I decided to take on the Ironman distance which would take me into unchartered territory having ‘only’ raced sprint, Olympic and half IM distances to this point. I felt that I needed a coach who understood what was involved, who would understand my personal requirements and tailor a programme around them. Most of all, I needed someone I could trust. Having sat down with Coach Musty in the summer of 2013, he talked me through a plan that would be tailored to my needs and one that would enable me to fulfill my goal of finishing IM Austria.

Over the following 9 months we worked closely together to put in place the building blocks I needed; covering all the critical areas from gym, core and plyometrics, to swim-bike-run, to nutrition and recovery. All of this helped me to be in the best shape of my life (and I’m 42 now!) when I toed the line in Klagenfurt. But it wasn’t simply the training that we put in place, it was the well-timed piece of advice and the confidence this engrained in my ability to cover the distance.

The result? I achieved everything I wanted to and more. I went under 11 hours in my first IM, something that would not have been possible without the well planned bespoke schedule, insight and support Coach Musty provided.

Dan Powell 28 August 2014
Alison Park

I started triathlon as at age 35 I couldn’t swim and booked onto a friendly low-key super-sprint tri to give me the perfect excuse to have to learn. As with most people that get involved with triathlon – that was it I was hooked!  I joined my local triathlon club and through them met Musty who was one of the more experienced members of the club having done 10 ironman races himself over his 20 years in the sport. As I got involved in longer distances I realised I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and I was on the road to injury or blowing up! I asked Musty if he could help me and he agreed to coach me – the best decision I have made since starting triathlon.

Musty successfully coached me through my first ironman last year in a respectable sub 13hours with only 8 weeks notice (I won the entry last minute), he then managed to get me significant PB’s in the last year for 5km, half marathon, sprint-tri, half ironman and full ironman distances.  My swim was my weakest discipline and with Musty’s help we have taken 14minutes of my ironman swim time this year.

If you want a coach who is encouraging, helpful, knowledgeable and always there for you with advice when you need it, Musty is the coach for you.  Without Musty’s coaching I would not have made the progress that I have to date, or have the dreams and aspirations that he gives me the confidence to believe are realistic.

Alison Park 27 August 2014
Michael Gallucci

Coach Musty is a friendly, reliable and trustworthy guy who has coached me over the last few months with a high degree of discipline and direction. In a short space of 3 months I have increased my running speed by over 10%, my swim times per 100m by over 20 seconds and my overall performance at the Olympic Distance has improved by 9 minutes. As we work together with regular weekly sessions and one to one guidance and planning, my fitness is improving and I feel Musty’s planning (using Training Peaks tool) enables me to train productively whilst benefitting my strength and conditioning.

Michael Gallucci 27 August 2014