Monday Motivation – 23/10/17

There have been so many great Triathlon Champions over the years but every now and again someone comes along that is a real game changer. They do something that completely changes some aspect of the sport. This year in Kona Patrick Lange did exactly that; with 28 years spent closely following the sport, I have […]

S4F Sprint Champs 2017

Navigating Early Season Races

There’s been some great racing from my Tri Squad over the last few weeks. Here’s a few thoughts to help them (and you) to navigate their(your) way through races and the early part of the race season.  1.       Most important of all: take the time and opportunity to be proud and pleased with having done […]


Racing Tough – 2 Forgotten Principles

With race season now upon us and my athletes racing almost every weekend over the coming months I’ve been thinking about some of the principles that define the phrase “Racing Tough”. The picture above captures a few of the important principles but I think there are a couple of equally important principles of “racing tough” that […]


London Marathon Recap

With the dust just about settled on another London Marathon, its an apt time to reflect on what still remains one of my favourite races from the many races I competed in. And what a race it was this year for all competitors, including my two S4F Squad Members Gerry and Ali. As their coach […]


Goals for the New Year

It’s party time at the moment as everyone moves from Christmas partying to new years eve partying. It’s also that time of year when people set themselves new year’s resolutions with plans to achieve amazing things. Unfortunately most of these new years resolutions survive as long as the many balloons that we find ourselves dancing […]


November Good Reads

1. First pick is a great article on how focusing on the process rather than the goal itself is the best way of achieving any challenging goal: “this mind-set lends itself to presence, which she defines as the ability to be in the moment, confident but not arrogant.”:   2.  My favourite piece of […]


Finish Lines

As the 2016 Triathlon race season enters its last few weeks, it’s been another great week for the Squad with some fast and fun racing. First off, Gerry Frewin’s race season just got better and better culminating in a very fast 4:42 at the highly competitive Vitruvian middles distance race. Conditions were pretty difficult with […]


The Beauty of 4th Place

I find myself on a crowded commuter train at 5:30 in the morning with tears streaming down my face reading from my lap top. Ok let’s back track a few weeks to understand what’s led me here. The Rio Olympics were a strange affair for me the first Olympics I can remember that I felt […]



It was an eventful and ultimately very pleasing day of racing for the S4F Squad at the Hertfordshire Club Championships this weekend. As a Squad we had a few set-backs with a few squad members having to miss the race at the last minute due to illness and injury which meant we weren’t going to […]


Cowman Half Ironman – 03/07/16

A fantastic days racing at the Cowman (Milton Keynes) Half Ironman and a brilliant result for S4F squad athlete Ali Travers coming in as 4th overall female in her second ever Half Ironman. She paced it perfectly just as we had planned finishing very strongly on the run to move up a few places. Really […]


Doing What’s Needed

Before I jump into this latest blog I would first of all like to thank our 2 fantastic squad sponsors: MPGQS and HKR ARCHITECTS. Their support is integral to the success of my amazing squad. One thing I have learned from coaching all sorts of different athletes to perform at their best is that there […]

Preparing for Race Day

With Race Season upon us I thought it might be helpful to put together a simple guide aimed at newer people in Triathlon on how to prepare to have your best race possible. Before I get into the meat of the article I would like to first of all thank our 2 wonderful Squad sponsors: […]


Seeing the Beauty in the Struggle

Another Squad Test Week ends and here’s a quick update on some of the highlights: Swim: Tim cranking out 25×100 on 1:40 and running out of time rather than speed. Cam finishing 7x100s on 1:30 Sarah managing the same number on 2:00 as she did on 2:15 a few months ago. Saleema hitting 19 on […]


Periodisation: From Russia with Love

Perhaps contrary to popular opinion Russia has contributed to some of the greatest breakthroughs in science, art and sports over the years and in the field of training and coaching one of the most fundamental concepts, periodisation, is thought to have originated from Russia. In a previous blog I talked about the difference between training […]

Mirinda Carfrae - Great example of what strength for a Triathlete looks like.

Strength Training & the Endurance Athlete

A question that often gets asked by endurance athletes is should I lift weights? As with nearly every question to do with training, fitness or nutrition the only correct short answer is “well it depends”. It depends on a lot of factors. The most important factor is to first try and understand what is strength […]


Training Peaks University

Just as in other professions CPD is crucial for coaches, after all a coach that knows all and doesn’t need to learn anything is not really a coach. So I spent this weekend going back to University (no cheap booze or crazy dancing this time around I’m afraid!) or at least I went to Training […]